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Nick Kosevich

Beverage Director

Nick Kosevich began his illustrious career behind the stick at award winning Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis, Mn. In 2006, when Town Talk Diner opened Nick lead the team with a fresh new take on cocktails and he won nearly every cocktail award while he was at it  including Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition finishing 3rd place in the National Finals in 2009. After those successful years at Town Talk Diner Nick has been an Ambassador and Advocate to the House of Bombay Gins primarily focused on the Most Imaginative Bartender Competition. He has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles over the last decade inspiring bartenders and assisting them in elevating their competition drinks throughout North America. 

Nick also launched his consulting and bar ingredient manufacturing company, Bittercube, in 2009 along with his business partner, Ira Koplowitz, of Violet Hour fame. Over the last decade Bittercube has opened over 40 bars and restaurants and trained over 500 bartenders using their Seven Pillars of Classic Cocktails seminar as the opening platform.  Nick launched his new company Drinks Apothecary in the fall of 2020. Partnering with Earl Giles Bottling Co., Drinks Apothecary provides tailor made experiences for bar teams across North America by supplying everything one would need to create a customized cocktail program including a line of spirits and liqueurs slated to launch in the fall of 2021 at the new Earl Giles Distillery in Northeast Minneapolis.